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  • Principles of physics linked to our daily life
  • Book especially written for the students and teachers
  • Starts with easy Problems and increasing the difficulty level upto the requirement of competition and Board Examination
  • Stress on Problem solving techniques
  • Dedicated to enhance the conceptual understanding of the basic rules of physics
  • Chapter wise revision questions with solutions

Why This Book

Applied Approach

The Book is written after 30 Years of classroom teaching experience so it will ultimately help the students to learn and understand concepts of physics.

Scitific Approach

The scientific method is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge, and that is implemented here.

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials of each chapter is coming soon on its official YouTube Channel. These tutorials are based on the Class work by its author Mr. Sandeep Upadhyay himself.

Chapterwise Assignments

Chapterwise Assignments for revision with model answer to each question. Carefull selction of questions can help the students to get maximum output of each chapter.

Success Stories

A Word from Author

Its my pleasure to present the throughly revised edition as per demand of students and teachers. The positive feed back which I have received from many users of third edition of this book has encouraged me to prepare the new fourth edition. I have been working over three decades and well versed with the aspirations of students and teachers and also incorporated their valuable suggestions

It is the fourth eddition of book. The mistakes that remain are of course mine and need your help to bring them in my notice at my mail id

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